Sai Baba of Shirdi is the Symbol and Essence of all religions. No religion was ever intended to be anything more than the Gateway to God as Truth.  Shirdi Sai is the Path and Goal in the realization of this Truth
I feel immensely blessed to share this experience with you all. As many of you know, we provide custom handmade cholas/vastras for all Gods and Goddesses. Last week one of the clients offered our Chola to Shirdi Sai Baaba and today morning he gave me a call to thank me. On asking the reason, he said- "Dear Sai Ji came in my dream today wearing the same Chola with all smiles and glowing face"
He said he is being blessed by Sai Babaji in his dream and today is his best day.
On hearing his experience my heart brighten up as I know I am also being blessed with every such client.

"Grateful", "Blessed", "Happy"
Let your love flow like the pure Ganges. Loving all, cleansing all, purifying all.
Om Sai Ram to the lovely Sai Bhagats.